Management Information

Much of the success or failure of the React to Red Skin campaign is about how engaged the managers of our residential and nursing homes and domiciliary care providers are.  Pressure ulcer prevention is something that can be driven from the top down and an enthusiasm to prevent people developing pressure ulcers whilst in formal care does become infectious.

To help make the job of communication easier, we will be providing managers with a resource pack that includes all of the support materials needed to effectively get the message out to the general public. 

We also require organisations to have a written policy about pressure ulcer prevention but this does not need to be hundreds of pages long.  A simple but effective policy is often more useful to managers and staff than a policy that sits gathering dust on an office shelf.  For those who do not currently have a policy we have provided a template policy in our downloads page.

Its also vital that all your care staff have the right amount of knowledge to know that they are doing the right thing on a daily basis.  We are providing free training for six months (January - June 2016) which will be supported by learner workbooks.  We are requesting that every provider makes pressure ulcer prevention part of their induction process for new staff and that they also familiarise themselves with the content of the course.

If you do have any questions about engaging with the strategy please contact Alison Atkinson, Market Facilitation Officer ( or if the questions relate to the training please contact Claire James at Your Turn (