Below you will find some of the resources that are available to support the React To Red Skin campaign.  Some of these are aimed at members of the general public and others are meant to support organisations who have proactively engaged with the campaign. 

Public Information

Information leaflet - basic information about pressure ulcer prevention
Poster - a poster suitable for public information areas such as libraries, GP surgeries and pharmacies

Care Organisations

Carer Handbook - this is the handbook that should be completed by all staff either before or after attending the training sessions
Pressure Ulcer Triggers form - the tick list form that helps you to identify at what point someone's risk has increased to the point where a referral to health should be made
Stop Look and Listen - a guide to pressure ulcer prevention for domiciliary care workers

For Trainers

Pressure ulcer prevention training presentation - this is a copy of the presentation that is delivered during the free training sessions and can be delivered internally by your company trainer

How to fill in the pressure ulcer triggers - a step by step guide on how to complete the pressure ulcer triggers form and refer directly from it