We have just launched a new strategy designed to reduce the number of avoidable pressure ulcers that are being recorded in the community across the whole of Hertfordshire.  This is a long term strategy that has the backing of Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust and the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association.

The vision for the strategy is to create a community where the basic knowledge of what a pressure ulcer is, how to prevent them and how to spot if someone is increasing in terms of risk is commonplace.  This strategy is going to require excellent communication through a variety of different channels including GP’s, pharmacies, residential and nursing homes, domiciliary care agencies and informal carers.

In order to get the campaign off to a flying start we are working with Your Turn, a national organisation that is committed to the prevention of pressure ulcers through increasing knowledge under its React To Red Skin campaign.  Your Turn will be providing a range of support materials to enable our formal carers to educate themselves, residents/patients, relatives and anyone else who is proactively involved with the day to day care of our most at risk and vulnerable elderly.

The first part of the strategy will involve a series of free pressure ulcer prevention and awareness training which is open to all care staff working in residential or domiciliary care.  The training will focus on understanding and identifying risk, how to escalate and to who and also, most importantly, how to effectively communicate the knowledge around pressure ulcer prevention using the basics of the SSKIN bundle.  

The training will commence in October 2016 and will be offered, on set dates and locations, completely free of charge to all carers for six months.  (for details please visit our training page)

To support the initial training, printed materials will be provided to all providers which include general awareness posters and leaflets to be used to help educate others, workbooks that reinforce the key messages of prevention from the training and a pressure ulcer triggers form to help in the early assessment of risk.

We would also encourage you to watch our short video to educate yourself about the prevention of pressure ulcers and how you can help.  Click here to view the video.

If you are interested in engaging with this long term strategy for pressure ulcer prevention in Hertfordshire please feel free to contact us to arrange for staff to attend the training (