On 17th November 2016 a series of training events will launch in City and Hackney with the aim of ensuring that formal carers understand the risks of elderly and at risk people of developing pressure ulcers.

There are over 700,000 people in the UK currently suffering with pressure ulcers and the vast majority of these are entirely avoidable.  The aim of the React to Red Skin campaign is to start educating those who are caring for our most vulnerable and ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to identify increasing risk earlier.

As well as the free training for carers, the strategy focuses on increasing the amount of knowledge and information in a community so we will be working with all of our providers to ensure that they are educating family members and other organisations who can play a positive role in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Everyone is ultimately at risk from pressure ulcers so the more we all learn about how they develop and what increases our own risk as well as the risks to those that we love, the sooner we will be able to significantly reduce the number of people developing these horrific skin injuries.

If you want to know more about pressure ulcers and how they develop please visit our information pages by clicking here.