Our Pledges of Support

I will ensure all react to red paperwork is in and kept updated in all care plans where relevant .I will take extra care to prevent pressure sores and educate new staff . I will ensure barrier creams are used correctly and staff have the relevant training. Shantelle Driscoll, Care Supervisor, Earlsdon Park Village

I pledge to keep updated on information related to preventing pressure sores - D Hill, District Nurse

I promise to make a difference to my patients to continue to update my knowledge and skills so they are protected from any avoidable harm.  Teresa Timms, CS Nurse

I promise to react to red.  I will practice what I have learnt.  Lucy Haynes, Care Assistance, Emerald Care, Amber House

I will react to red.  I will take extra care to prevent pressure sores.  I will report any red skin even if I’m not sure.  Hannah Harness, Care Assistant, Minster Rest Home

I will ensure that I am alert and aware in order to spot red skin and other signs that will help prevent pressure ulcers.  Zara Johnson, Minster Care Home

I will take extra care to be vigilant when a person has red skin to prevent further damage.  Michelle Sanders, Amber House

I will ensure barrier creams are used correctly.  Bev Smith Community Staff Nurse

Thank you for all the information,  I will take this back to my workplace and help build awareness with our nursing team.  Anita Thompson, Myton Hospice

I will promote react to red skin advise with family carers.  Carmel Murray, CWPT

To ensure I thoroughly check all pressure areas while I am supporting clients in the community and complete the SSKIN bundle.  Debbie Simian, Health Care Assistant

To encourage family members caring for their relatives to actively check skin.  Sarah Adams, CWPT

Monitor, measure and maintain.  advise patients, carers and staff of information learnt.  Carroll Dyer, Myton Hospice

Educate patients, relatives and carers on pressure sores and get them to contact a clinician if they are concerned.  Anon

Education in care homes,  working with carers to provide education on prevention and management of pressure ulcers.  Laura Alderson, Community Sister

Cascade to team.  Provide copies of tools for staff to keep in their folders and refer to when out on a visit.  Jenny, Tile Hill DN

To make sure, keep mobile, any service users that are unable to move themselves to help reduce pressure every two hours.  Lynsey, St Andrews

I will check the clients skin more often, report and document.  Donna Shah, Amber House

I will check the clients skin more often, ensure to report and document all the information.  Elizabeth Bailey, Amber House

I will encourage other staff and clients families to go to pressure ulcer training so more people are aware of how to prevent skin from breaking down.  Anonymous

I pledge to always give the best possible care to clients.  Anonymous

To manage and prevent pressure sores by keeping clients movie whenever possible.  Stella A Eltham House

If I notice a resident with a red bottom I will react and deal with it correctly.  Louise Bartley, St Andrews

I will ensure that I am alert and aware in order to spot red skin and other signs that will help prevent pressure ulcers. Zara Johnson Care Assistant Minster Rest Home

I pledge to pass on the things I have learnt to my colleagues and patients. Victoria Benny Community HCA CWPT

I pledge to complete all training and keep up to date. Karen Seeley-Davies Health Care Assistant CWPT

Attend all training and keep up to date on preventing pressure ulcers. Laura Byrne Health Care Assistant CWPT

To increase my knowledge and skills so that I can recognize and support patients in preventing pressure ulcers in LD patients. Val, Brooklands

To educate care home staff. G Perkins CWPT

When assessing memory and working with those with dementia in their own home I will ensure family and carers are aware and know where to access information and support. S Little CWPT

Educate care home staff to react to red skin. CWPT

To increase awareness of pressure ulcers.CWPT

To be more proactive in being aware of IAD within my work base. Practice Nurse Coventry and Warkwickshire Partnership Trust

I will help to promote React to Red Skin and will tweet all messages. Jagtar Singh Chairman CWPT

I pledge to educate care staff to react to red skin. CWPT

To be more proactive in being aware of IAD within my work base. Practice Nurse CWPT

I pledge to use the information I have learned today. Cary Gribben HCA CWPT

I pledge to educate more people to React to Red to increase awareness of pressure ulcers.
I promise to do all I can, working my staff and other colleagues across health and social care, to support providers and family carers to prevent avoidable pressure ulcers and to ensure appropriate treatment and care for people who do develop ulcers. - Jon Reading, Head of Strategic Commissioning, Coventry City Council

I pledge to educate, engage and feedback all relevant information to Coventry's community nurses. - Debbie Nash, CWPT

I pledge to encourage the care market to continue the programme of pressure ulcer prevention and to integrate it into staff training as much as possible. - Inderjit Lahel, General Manager - Adult Social Care Commissioning, Coventry City Council

As Home Manager I Pledge to ensure that all my staff are made aware of the React to Red Campaign and by doing this then residents who are at risk are quickly identified and as a team we can help prevent pressure ulcers from developing - Debbie Cheshire, Norton Grange

To raise awareness within residential care homes the importance of prevention of pressure ulcers - Kim Atkinson

My pledge is to spread and teach about pledge, also to teach pressure prevention fundamental principals - Claire Watkins

The knowledge I learn today I will share with my colleagues at work to make us aware of pressure ulcers. I will inspect residents skin on a daily basis and record this and seek appropriate support. - Suridner Dhillon, Supervisor, St Andrews House

My pledge is to feedback to my team members at Myton Hospice, this useful information on prevention of pressure ulcers. - Anita Thompson, Myton Hospice

My pledge is to feedback to my team at Myton Hospice and ask all to check skin more regularly. - Nursing Assistant, Myton Hospice

I will check skin more regularly for red marks and try to pass on to my co-workers any information about pressure care and tissue viability. - Tammy Shreidan, Evedale

My pledge is to be aware, check and pass on any information. - Sue Carr, Care Assistant, Evedale

I am going to share with my colleagues what I have learned about pressure ulcers. I will make sure that the skin of the clients must be kept clean and dry at all times and try to maintain the health care. - Gladys Nobula, Support Worker, Getta Life

I am going to share what I have learned with colleagues. - Kellee Clark, Care Assistant, The Willows

I will check peoples skin regularly to prevent and pressure ulcers. - Stephanie Walker, Care Assistant, The Willows

I will share information and give help in any way I can. - E Burke, Support Worker, CWPT

I will share this information with my team. - Ashleigh Jones, Support Worker, CWPT

I am going to share the React to Red Skin leaflets with the homes where I work. - Simone Parker, Support Worker, Eltham House/Woodway Lodge

I pledge to maintain regular pad check and to turn residents during the night to keep their skin in tip top condition. - Louise Goodwin, Night carer, St Judes

I will share what I have learned about pressure areas and what to look out for with all my work colleagues. - Sarah Hancox, Senior Carer, St Judes

I will cascade this information down to my colleagues at the next team meeting. - Melanie Weekes, Podiatrist, CWPT

I pledge to inform everyone I come into contact with about React to Red Skin. - Liz Warr, Wound Care Sister

I pledge to share information learned today with colleagues. - Pat Romsen, CWPT

I pledge to cascade all the information to all staff. - Mary Fisher, Clinical Lead, Belvedere Park Nursing Home

I pledge to be a champion on my ward area, to offer information, resources and training to all my staff to further prevent any kind of pressure ulcers or skin breaking down. - Irene Monsdale, Deputy Ward Manager, Aspen Centre

To educate other members of the team, share my knowledge on pressure ulcer prevention. - Linda Thomson, RGN, Wound Clinic

My pledge is to pass my knowledge on pressure ulcers and React to Red Skin onto my patients and also their families. Also to pass the knowledge on to my dad's carers as they love to learn about wounds and pressure ulcers. - Kelsey Jones-Brain, Health Care Assistant, CWPT

I pledge to help in the promotion of React to Red Skin in a positive way through the use of social media. - Jodie Grace, Staff Nurse, Tissue Viability

I pledge, as a new member of the tissue viability team, to learn as much as possible about React to Red Skin. - Megan Broomfield, Health Care Assistant

I pledge to do a display at Willenhall Wound Clinic in the corridor so patients can get more information about React to Red Skin. - Linda Morris, Health Care Assistant

I will work to ensure effective sharing of tissue viability practice, especially where relevant to palliative care to all staff at the hospice. I will do this by regularly updating a dedicated notice board; leading short study sessions; inviting reps from relevant companies to come and talk to us. - P Draper, Senior Staff Nurse, Myton Hospice

I will organise a display of React to Red Skin information and man the stand for one afternoon. We will disseminate information at our weekly education session. We will organise a teaching session for all staff. - Laura Yarham and Juliet Howard, Senior Staff Nurses, Myton Hospice

I pledge to broadcast the news on React to Red Skin to everyone as they will all benefit from this. - Alyson Roberts, RGN, CWPT

As Care Manager I pledge to maintain a no avoidable pressure ulcer Home and to support the React To Red Skin campaign. - Angela Ribeiro, Care Manager, Minster Rest Home

I pledge to promote pressure ulcer prevention and awareness. Pressure ulcer development can impede quality of life in various ways and in most cases this is avoidable. I will continue to offer support and guidance including to those already committed to reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and will facilitate the achievement of the accreditation process. - Tara Shields, Clinical Care Home Support Nurse, Arden CSU

I pledge to utilise contact with my providers through monitoring visits and via email dialogue, in order to promote the Your Turn training in Coventry, with a view to ensuring that all if not most providers have attended the training, to minimise the potential risk of pressure ulcers in the city. - Irma Tomschey, Contracts Officer, Strategic Commissioning, Coventry City Council

Continue to promote the React to Red Skin campaign with providers and monitor care files to ensure robust skin care risk assessments & appropriate care plans are in situ that reflects the individuals’ needs. Monitor staff training documentation to gain assurances from the provider that appropriate training is being delivered and assessed. - Irene Grant, Contract Officer, Coventry City Council

I pledge to get the Coventry pharmacists on board with the campaign to help with distributing information to customers and placing posters on display. - Suzanne Lawlor, Carers Lead Officer, Coventry City Council

I pledge to fulfill and support all staff within this care setting to attend any training and workshops provided that support Your Turn React to Red Skin campaign to make a difference. - Jackie Clarke, Manager, Cordelia Court

To educate everyone of the importance of pressure ulcer prevention at work. - Roxy Whitehouse, Senior Carer, St Judes

I promise to inspect and attend to skin twice more than I was doing before attending the training. - Rachel Yaka, Support Worker, Care for Young

I pledge to check and document all skin on residents. - Diane Price, St Andrews

I will always make sure to promote two hourly turns and maintain them for all patients. - Nafeesa Khan, Student Nurse

I will update my organisation on pressure ulcer prevention and encourage all colleagues to attend this course. - Deatumsi Ogymbambi, Midland Heart

To ensure that I do my upmost to prevent sores by contacting relevant professionals when necessary. To follow all guidelines and involve whoever it may concern sensitively for the service user. - Olenka Townley, Team Leader, Avalon Court

I pledge to ensure that people are repositioned regularly and that we use the correct moving, handling and transfer technique to avoid any skin damage. - Temitope Adewale, Voyage Care

I pledge to promote patient movement and mobility to prevent pressure ulcers. - Rachle Hylew, Student Nurse

I pledge to ensure all staff are fully trained in pressure ulcer prevention. - David Docherty, Training Manager, Care For You

I pledge to take all that I have learned in the training and use it where necessary. - Amanda Nickford, Care Assistant, Henry Court

I will ensure I apply to right ways to prevent pressure ulcers and tell my workmates how important it is to do the training. - Godfrey Nkomo, Care For You

I pledge to use the information I have learned today in my workplace. - Abraham Anane, Anchor Care

I pledge to turn two hourly, document in a movement chart, document in fluid charts and educate all fellow workers. - Carol Cook, St Judes