Management Information

Managers of residential and nursing homes and domiciliary care agencies have a vital role to play in the prevention of pressure ulcers.  Having a positive impact on how we carry out this task on a day to day basis comes from the top down. 
There are a number of key things that management can do to ensure that their organisation and its staff are fully equipped to take on the challenge of preventing avoidable pressure ulcers in the community:
- ensure staff (and management) have adequate knowledge in the area of pressure ulcer prevention, we are able to provide this either as part of a regional campaign or on a one-off basis for homes that request our support
- have a policy that everyone is familiar with (see below)
- ensure that education forms part of your induction process
- ensure that you have leaflets available to talk to residents and their families about pressure ulcer prevention.  We are able to offer these leaflets but there is a cost associated with printing them.
- have a pressure ulcer champion who can help to promote this work within your organisation
- use a safety cross to record your effectiveness at preventing pressure ulcers (see below)
- ensure that all staff understand risk and when risk is increasing for each individual and then what the next course of action should be
Below are some downloads that you may find useful to help you achieve the goal of zero avoidable community acquired pressure ulcers in your care setting.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Policy 

a template pressure ulcer prevention policy that you can adapt to suit your organisation which has already been agreed by the four organisations supporting the React To Red Skin campaign

Safety Cross

A daily audit of how your home is doing in reducing pressure ulcers.  This is a very visual aid and is simple to use.  It should be used in conjunction with the guide - How To - Safety Cross.

How To - Safety Cross 

how to correctly use the safety cross to accurately record the incidents of pressure ulcers in your organisation

 Pressure Ulcer Information Leaflet for Families

This leaflet will help families to understand pressure ulcers and how to reduce risk.  This is not just important for the residents that you are caring for but also other elderly people in your communities and your own families can also benefit from this advise.

Pressure Ulcer Information Poster

Please use this poster to draw attention to the work that you are doing to try to prevent pressure ulcers in your home.

Staff Training

One of the most important things that you can do is to ensure that all of your staff know how to spot the early warning signs of increased risk of developing pressure ulcers.  As an orgnations we are able to provide training for your staff that only last 90 minutes but provides them with the essential knowledge when it comes to preventing pressure ulcers.  This training is being offered free through CCG and Trust funding in some areas of the UK.  To find out if you can access free training or to enquire about running the training in-house please contact Claire James on the email or number below.

If you require any additional support or guidance on pressure ulcer prevention please contact React to Red Skin at the following address: