International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day

Every year we shine a spotlight on the issues that surround pressure ulcers worldwide.  In the UK the problem has been high on the political and NHS agendas for a long time and yet the situation regarding the number of pressure ulcers that are reported every year is not significantly improving.

At this time of year, around International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day (15th November) we like to take the opportunity to remind people of the basic elements of pressure ulcer prevention:

S - checking the surface that you are sitting or lying on.  Is it meant to offer pressure relief?  Is it doing the job it is meant to?

S - regularly check the skin looking for discolouration, blisters, heat, swelling, hardness.  If in doubt, speak to a healthcare professional

K - keep moving - move little and often, every 30 minutes will really help to alleviate pressure

I - deal with issues around incontinence and increased moisture as these will have a negative impact on the skin

N - nutrition and hydration.  Ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluid

Living with Incontinence: keeping skin healthy

This article looks at the issues surrounding keeping the skin intact for those who may struggle with incontinence.  It gives the latest guidance for carers and family to help protect the skin from damage and soreness.


Educating our Carers

I’m not a qualified nurse or a person who spends their time assessing the quality of care provided in our residential care homes, nursing homes and hospitals.  I do, however, spend an awful lot of time with those people who deliver the care to our most frail, elderly and needy population.  I’m talking about our carers, both professional carers and those who do it for their own families.  Click here to read more